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Buy your Fenn Mk4 trap  direct from £7.75 and save! We are the on-line outlet of Fenn Traps Ltd and deliver genuine Fenn spring traps at the best price.

Fenn Mark6 rabbit trap

FENN Mark6 Trap
From £9.40
(mink & rabbit)

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Dark Tunnels

(use with Mark4 traps)

 Fenn mesh

Mesh Tunnels

(use with Mark4 traps)

Fenn mesh cage

Cage + Fenn Mark4 trap
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Fenn Spares Parts
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Fenn spring trap

You get your Fenn Mk4 & Mk6 traps  here at the best price because Trap Barn is the dedicated  on-line outlet for Fenn Traps Ltd. The genuine Fenn Mark4 and Mark6  provide a fast and humane despatch. The Fenn Mark4 is the spring  trap of choice across the world for medium sized vermin.  The larger  Mark6 – the strongest spring trap in the UK is designed for both medium and  large sized vermin such as mink and rabbits .  As a result, these are first choice for professional gamekeepers, farmers and pest controllers.  They are designed to deliver a massive blow to the head/chest area and this ensures a quick kill. The ever popular Mk4 makes a great squirrel trap. Both Mark4 and Mark6 are are fully approved by DEFRA. They are the environmentally friendly method to combat vermin infestations because no poison is involved. With the all-metal construction there is no wood to rot or plastic to break.  Hence Fenn spring traps last for years. We we only supply genuine Fenn products.   direct save

Fenn  Mark4 trap for squirrel, rat, weasel & stoat**

The Mark4 spring trap is the best ever trap for rats and squirrels. It is the most effective solution for rat, squirrel, stoat* and weasel infestations. First choice for professionals and a sound investment for all. With the Mk4 you get the top trap for grey squirrels or rats. If you want to learn how to get rid of rats, or how to get rid of squirrels then you have come to the right place. It’s the Trap Barn.  We have the tools to eliminate vermin plus we give free advice as long as you own the trap. If you don’t find the answer in our Guides Section, then just send an email. All Fenn traps are made in the UK and have been since 1957. For decades, this has been the centre of the UK spring trap manufacturing.  This spring making expertise is exemplified in Fenns with their strong and reliable springs. Note, in the UK the Fenn Mark4 trap  cannot be used on stoats* however it can be throughout the rest of Europe.

Fenn Mark6 for rabbit, mink, squirrel, weasel, stoat** and rat

Similarly, get your Fenn Mark6 spring trap here at best market prices. The  Mark6 is the big brother to the Mark4 – same all-metal construction, same quality and reliability but just bigger and stronger for bigger pests  Some people think it’s a more modern model of the Mk4 but no, it’s not; it’s just bigger. It is  the best trap for  rabbits and also best  for mink.  If you want to learn how to trap rabbits, or how to trap mink then you have come to the right place. Trap Barn is the only on-line outlet devoted solely to Fenn traps. We only supply the authentic product. And that’s why we give you the best prices.

Fenn Trap Free Support

Support and service is what you get from Trap Barn. This is life-time free support. We created a web site that is easy to navigate and intuitive to use.  It is a support platform – letting you get fast responses to any questions about purchasing or using traps. It is full of useful tips & tricks plus videos on using and setting Fenns traps. Here you can also see how to adjust and fix the traps. We combine this functionality with fast despatch and a no quibble guarantee. Above all we offer really competitive trap prices.    We have the solutions to vermin infestations. Squirrels in attic or rats in the attic – we have the tools to solve vermin problem. We also provide tunnel tips  to help you to use trapping tunnels. Be it rats in the loft or squirrels in the  loft  it’s all the same. It is easy to get rid of vermin yourself with no need to call a pest controller who will put down poison. Poison can have a secondary lethal  effect on other species such as owls dogs cats and foxes. You will pay a minimum of £80 to a pest controller with no guarantee of success. The vermin will come back later. On the other hand, buy a genuine Mk4 Fenn trap and it will last decades. Rats and squirrels in sheds and greenhouses is another common problem.  Get rid of these vermin quickly with traps. Fenn traps are the ‘Rolex’ of the trap world; the best quality and are utterly reliable. The  trigger system is made of low friction brass to make it more sensitive. This mechanism will never rust. There is no better solution to rat and squirrel problems. The larger Mark6 trap for rabbit and mink is another killer tool.   Buy them now because vermin like rats, squirrels and rabbits are notorious for breeding quickly. Watch out for people advertising Fen traps because they may not be the genuine product. Note the brand names Fenn & Fen are our  registered trademarks  at the Intellectual Property Office of the UK government.

Be prepared with your Fenn trap

Have your vermin traps ready for instant deployment. Purchase now and you can start trapping immediately an invasion emerges. You don’t want to wait for a pest controller to come round and lay out poison. By then more damage will have been done. Rats chew wiring insulation and spoil things with their urine and faeces. Same with squirrels, stoats, weasels and mink. Get them sorted promptly. Your Fenn will last you a lifetime.  We help you prepare by making available our trapping guides  such as the one on human scent plus full user instructions  If you want to know how to get rid of rats, squirrels, mink and rabbits, then you have come to the right place. The best trap for rats and squirrels is undoubtedly the Mk4. The best trap for rabbits and mink is the Mark6. Learn how to trap wild rabbits. 

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